Call For Stories

Have a Story Suggestion?

Saskatoon HOME magazine is always on the lookout for great story suggestions! And as always, stories run in the magazine are always FREE! Check out what we mean by that below.

So what makes a good story?

– Visually captivating.
– The general concept of the story can be defined in a sentence or two.
– Satisfies the question “Would readers of Saskatoon HOME magazine want to read this story?”
– Stories must be related to homes or home owners in Saskatoon in some way.
– Ideas can be about a homes interior or exterior.
– One other tip is to submit ideas sooner than later. If there is a particular issue you feel the story would be best suited (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) include this in the submission.

Why are stories free in Saskatoon HOME magazine?
Saskatoon HOME does not write advertorials (this is story that is paid for by a business rather than it being written by a writer from an unbiased perspective). Ever hear the term “Content is King?” Well that is our belief at Saskatoon HOME magazine – have the most interesting and relevant stories, written by the best writers, with photos from great photographers, and our readers will love us. Advertising revenue supports the magazine, and with consumers in the highly desirable demographic that we reach, the advertisers want the attention of those readers.  So it is a win-win for our readers and advertisers – and for you if your story is selected and run for free!

If your idea is selected
If your story is selected you will be contacted by a writer or someone from Saskatoon HOME with more details. Any story suggestions that are selected for the magazine have NO COST to the person or individual who suggests them.

All story suggestions must be received by email to be considered
Subject: Story Idea

– Email a sentence or two that outlines the idea of the story (you will not have to write the story yourself. One of our professional writers will be assigned to bring your idea to the page.)
– Attach any photos you feel may help explain your story suggestion.

We look forward to hearing from you!