Amanda Soulodre

Amanda Soulodre

Co-Owner | Co-Publisher | Director of Advertising

Curator of Stories, lover of business, devoted to Saskatoon, ambassador of the hat revolution. These are just a few things to know about me.

Along with my amazing husband, I am the proud co-owner and publisher of Saskatoon HOME magazine. We were both raised in Saskatoon, and are now delighted to raise our two sons here. We love this city and can’t imagine ever leaving.

With a Commerce degree, and a major in Marketing, my specific expertise is in the realm of marketing, brand development, publishing, strategic planning and media relations.

Prior to entering the exciting world of magazine publishing, I worked in the corporate world as a Marketing & Communications Manager at an agriculture firm serving farmers across Western Canada. I was very successful in this role, but I knew my future was meant to lead me down an entrepreneurial path. In 2009 at the age of 28, that path was revealed and an opportunity presented itself to purchase Saskatoon HOME magazine. It was an existing publication at the time, with 4 issues under its belt.

Purchasing this magazine was absolutely and without a doubt the best business decision of my life. I love what I do.

Since the inaugural issue in the Spring of 2008, Saskatoon HOME has matured and developed – and continues to do so with every issue. We are always looking for ways to enhance the reader experience through interesting and informative stories, inspirational photos, clean layout, and strong visibility.

From day one, we knew that the magazine was all about the reader. Advertising pays our bills, but loyal and captivated readers bring advertisers to the table. We would not have seen the success we have experienced to date without our wonderful following of readers. THANK YOU!

A tribute to this dedication and loyalty is our Reader Panel. We created this concept in 2012 to engage readers to guide the stories selected issue to issue. This Panel has been immensely helpful in understanding what home owners of Saskatoon want to read. The Panel provides feedback to ensure we are on point and always pushing ahead to make the next issues better and better.

I know the Saskatoon market, and I know marketing. If you want to know what’s happening in the Saskatoon home sector, meet a passionate individual, or find out if print magazine advertising is a fit for your business, I would love the opportunity to introduce myself over coffee or a beer.