Heather Frtiz


Known for having a fresh and entirely original approach, Heather Fritz has a distinct take on what makes a memorable photograph. It has nothing to do with posing people and making them smile for the camera. Instead, she deftly determines what makes them unique and in doing so, she freely admits she falls a little bit in love with every person in her viewfinder.

Keeping her work fresh and original means a readiness and ability to capture the unexpected.

“I am free to focus on the people,” she explains. “When I’m taking photos, I’m having conversations with people, making them relaxed. It’s entirely about them. I wear two cameras so there’s no stopping or fussing over gear.” She encourages others to know their gear, too, and periodically offers a workshop for amateur photographers and encourages them to get their cameras off of automatic settings.

Capturing those unexpected moments is a hallmark of her photos and shows in the diversity of her portfolio. Based in Saskatoon, Heather is in demand. She has been invited into celebrity homes and to events by the likes of Brett Wilson, Shannon Tweed, Justin Trudeau, Yann Martel and Alice Kuipers Colby Armstrong, Kim Coates, and recently Henry Winkler. Her work can be seem on the cover of the newly-released “Still Making Mistakes”, Brett Wilson’s most recent book.  Aside from her commercial work, she loves to capture families, and chronicles engagements, weddings, growing bellies, newborns, babies and toddlers.

Among her contented customers are families with young children, many who say a Fritz photo session is the first time getting family photos wasn’t a chore that ended in tears. Never content with stock shots, she engages people so the camera between her and the subject disappears. A mom herself, she works magic with children – which usually means getting parents to relax first! No matter what the project might be, Heather knows her job is to help people relax and be themselves. Her easy-going demeanor makes the experience enjoyable, and one of the comments she hears often, mostly from fathers, is “That was actually fun!”

She takes this energy into corporate and commercial shoots with her, always looking for a unique angle and works hard to give clients and publishers a fresh take on each project she undertakes.

Whether it’s from a busy mom of energetic toddlers, a bride and groom facing an unexpected blizzard on their wedding day, or a son who would like to capture an intimate family portrait before his father is lost to Alzheimer’s, the praise for Heather’s ability to capture the perfect moments is resounding. Making the experience fun and real and EASY is her priority.

Heather Fritz Photography

Based in Saskatoon, travels anywhere.

Ph: 306-292-2323

Email: heather@ heatherfritz.com

And visit: www.heatherfritz.com