One Room 3 Ways

Room 1 – Chantelle Butterfield, Funktional Space

Chantelle’s design story for Crystal’s Room:

I knew it had to be kid and dog friendly, so I choose a pattern that would help hide the dirt but you could tell when it was dirty. Crystal is colourful, hates stainless steel, loves copper and chrome, an Ipod station was important to her and her life, she loves her family, plants, jewellery, and makeup. Her taste is eclectic, shabby sheik! She wanted a space that she could enjoy sleeping or spending time working or playing on her Ipad.  I went with Hollywood meets the woods.

I know Crystal wants to be environmentally responsible, so I chose the mirrored furniture for three reasons, it’s easy on the environment unlike most furniture made of new wood.  Crystal mentioned light was important to her, so I put lots of mirrors in the room, to maximum the light, she does get in her space. Last but not least, Crystal being in the glamour business, I believed the mirror would show off her talents of makeup and jewellery.  I chose the bed because it had a place in the middle for her Ipad to be stored.  I choose manmade items that have a smaller foot print on the earth and created jobs for people far and near. I thought texture, shine and glamour represented Crystal, both in her home life and as a glamour artist.

ROOM 2 – Michelle Rowlett, Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

Knowing Crystals love for colour the custom bedding was the jumping off point for me in this room. With fabric selection I was looking for a material that was comfortable and sleepable, and a pattern that was classy but fun. Crystal being a loving dog owner was another important consideration and I made sure to incorporate a place for the family pet to have a space of their own.

Side tables make storing Crystal and her husband’s iPads easy, and also give a place to house the lamps made of earth friendly material. Art, side chair with matching custom pillow, lighting, and accessories tie this space together to create a feeling of relaxation and functionality – something this busy mom is sure to enjoy!

ROOM 3 – Tamara Bowman, Metric Design Centre

Tamara’s design story for Crystal’s Room:

We wanted to capture Crystal’s spirit and give her a space where she can retreat from her busy lifestyle as a business owner, wife, and mother. The bedroom doubles as both an elegant getaway, and a family friendly space to relax and enjoy together.

Our goal at Metric Design Centre is to create the perfect space tailored to each of our clients individual needs and style. Upon meeting Crystal at our initial Design consultation, she expressed her love of eclectic, shabby chic design with an eccentric edge. Her natural sensibility, classic nature and boho inspired outfit she was wearing on the day set the scene for our design concept!

We worked with a neutral color palette as a backdrop to the room. Adding in hits of color and varying textures from soft and natural, to bold and geometric to break up the space. Interesting patterns inspired from bohemian and shabby chic textiles were a must, to create a look that screamed Crystal.

The focal point of the room is the luxurious bed with our custom designed headboard and couture paisley pillows in shades of fuchsia, orange and purple. Finishing touches of quirky vintage inspired decor, a hint of glam, and a unique handmade Ipad case (see the individual pictures for the finished product!) help pull together the eclectic feel of the bedroom.

We incorporated custom designed pieces and exclusive products from Metric Design Centre to create a look that is completely unique and special just like our client!